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Memnoch the Devil

Hello, lovely people of vampire_bar! Some time year ago, I made a discussion post about the lack of telepathic connection between the maker and the fledgling in VC-verse. Now I'm wondering about yet another thing, this time the entirety of the book that is Memnoch the Devil.

From what I've gathered, there are many fans who practically hate the book and think of it as the worst one form the whole series. For many years, I couldn't share that point of view and was, in fact, on the other side of the fence. As the time passes, though, I'm beginning to see the fault in my thinking and yet I still lack enough perspective to be able to critically evaluate the book. What I liked about it was the portrayal of the character of God as the antagonist and Memnoch, the Devil, as the righteous one. It was particularly interesting when put into context with Anne Rice's relationship with Christianity. The negative points, for me, are that the book seemed self-indulgent at best and didn't really seem to fit with the rest of the series. It also didn't really bring much into the characterisation of the characters, though that's certainly just my subjective opinion.

What do you guys think? Are you one of those who hated the book? If so, what are your reasons? And if you liked it, what do you think are its positive points? I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about it so that I can put my own opinions into a perspective.

Thanks to anyone who answers.

Lestat the interviewer

This community could use some fresh blood. Pun intended.

I always imagine how Lestat might have interviewed the other vamps. Did they give in willingly? Did he have to bribe them? What bargains were made if any, and what sensitive information had to be excluded? Did he have them write down a memoir and hand it to him for editing? Or did he sit down and have them regurgitate their thoughts in a stream of consciousness format, mentally bookmark what he found noteworthy and fashion it into a novel?

I'm re-reading parts of Pandora here and there, and I noted that she describes how David came forward to interview her. The thoughts going through his head and hers. Too bad Mater hadn't included this in any of the main VC novels (at least not that I recall...)
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Maker/fledgling telepathic (dis)connection

I've been reading The Lives of the Mayfair Witches and while that has nothing to do with VC (except for the author, of course), it got me thinking about the whole maker/fledgling relationship Anne Rice has established in her Vampire Chronicles. More specifically, I began to ponder why she decided, unlike the other authors of vampire genre who let the makers and their 'children' have a special, sometimes even telepathic, connection to do the opposite in her books and make them lose that connection completely.
I started to think that maybe it was for the purpose of feeding the growing conflict between Louis and Lestat in IwtV. This probably seems far-fetched, but when one thinks about it, the basis of their misunderstandings and hate was that they couldn't properly communicate with each other and that they lacked that handy telepathic connection. 
So, I guess my first question would be: what do you think are Anne Rice's reasons for stepping out of the line in this one aspect of maker/fledgling relationship? Merely an attempt to be original or something more?

Also, as a Lestat/Louis shipper, my other question is about whether you think their relationship in IwtV would have turned out less catastrophically than it did if they could have read each others' minds back then. Or were their personalities, ideals and morals far too different and thus a reason for the conflict that couldn't have been resolved even if they'd had the telepathic connection?

Thanks to anyone who responds! ♡
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Long overdue introductory post

I've joined this community some time ago, but forgot to do the introductory post (although it seems that not many people have done it?). I don't fool myself into thinking that anyone really cares, but I'm so lonely in fangirling about VC that at least this way, I can have some kind of an interactive monologue, haha.
Name: just [info]catpaws 
Age: 16
VC books read: All ten + both from New Tales of the Vampires
Favourite/Least favourite Book: Favourite is probably Interview with the Vampire and least favourite is The Tale of the Body Thief, though I like all of them, actually.
Favourite/Least favourite Character: Favourite is Louis (♥) and the least favourite is Santino.
One curious fact about you and this fandom: During one time last year when my room was attacked by a vicious mold, my VC books were the ones that suffered the most damage. I was heartbroken, but now it's all good, since I've cleaned them all up properly.
Also, I've been meaning to write some VC fanfiction. I just never finish it, even if I start.
Whisper Secrets

Gotta rock when you roll!

I clearly have too much empty space in my head these days. But since I can't help it, let's play a game!:D

It's called "the pickup line game" and it's very easy (big surprise there, considering it's not a game at all and I just made it up XD):

What song lyric would be a terribly bad/fun/cheesy pickup line for [insert name of vampire here]? Write it in a comment! Spamming is welcomed, even in later days...this is a post you should come back to.XD

I will start, to exemplify.
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A question about Magnus

Hello guys!

I was hoping someone could do some research for me.

I recall that somewhere in the Chronicles Lestat mentions that before Magnus successfully became a vampire, he experimented by drinking the blood of captured vampires. I can not specifically remember if it was stated how exactly he was turned (it's been a while since I last read), did he even have a maker? I also remember references to half human/vampire hybrids.

hello from someone new

Name: meg
Age: 22
VC books read: IwtV-Armand. Parts of Merrick.
Least Favorite Book: Memnoch the Paperweight. (Wow, thats an old joke.) I can't honestly say Merrick because I couldn't force myself to finish the damn thing.
Favorite Book: Interview. Sequels never surpass the original.
Favourite Character: Louis.
Least Favorite: David. Once again, can't HONESTLY say Merrick.

One curious fact about you and this fandom:  I started reading specs mere months before Anne's hideous endevour to chase every spec and spec-writer off the face of the planet. What a difference, let me tell you.

I started re-reading IWTV and started thinking about fanfiction again. Has Anne got off that ship yet? I'm ready to see a triumphant return of VC fanfic. There used to be LOADS and now it's just so hard to find.


Happy to find some fans and a sfunctioning comm!!



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