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that awful velocipedestrienne

Maker/fledgling telepathic (dis)connection

I've been reading The Lives of the Mayfair Witches and while that has nothing to do with VC (except for the author, of course), it got me thinking about the whole maker/fledgling relationship Anne Rice has established in her Vampire Chronicles. More specifically, I began to ponder why she decided, unlike the other authors of vampire genre who let the makers and their 'children' have a special, sometimes even telepathic, connection to do the opposite in her books and make them lose that connection completely.
I started to think that maybe it was for the purpose of feeding the growing conflict between Louis and Lestat in IwtV. This probably seems far-fetched, but when one thinks about it, the basis of their misunderstandings and hate was that they couldn't properly communicate with each other and that they lacked that handy telepathic connection. 
So, I guess my first question would be: what do you think are Anne Rice's reasons for stepping out of the line in this one aspect of maker/fledgling relationship? Merely an attempt to be original or something more?

Also, as a Lestat/Louis shipper, my other question is about whether you think their relationship in IwtV would have turned out less catastrophically than it did if they could have read each others' minds back then. Or were their personalities, ideals and morals far too different and thus a reason for the conflict that couldn't have been resolved even if they'd had the telepathic connection?

Thanks to anyone who responds! ♡
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