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Extended deadline

So, ladies and gents - as you may know, the deadline for submitting ideas for the next fic/art challenge officially expired yesterday. But since not a lot of people had time to participate, we'll be extending the deadline a little. :)

The ideas we have so far:
  • Back when we were mortal - character flashback to another time, before vampirism came along
Modly Plan B:
  • Historical fic/art
  • Contre la Montre-style; with a limited time to write/draw and a brief prompt (for example "blue", "century", etc.)
Roughly speaking, the new deadline will be sometime next week, making allowances for people's schedules this time. Suggestions can be left on this mod-post or the previous one, it's all the same. :)

We'd love to see what you can come up with, so get creative, folks! ^^
Louis - Whine & Bitch

Les Jeux Sont Faits!

Righto, everyone! So as of today, the Marius!Bitchslapping Challenge is officially closed. And what wonderful fics have we had! Just to have a quick recap, from most recent to least (and all in locked posts of course):

Silence (Armand/Marius) by nevermore_1106 

Ad Misericordiam (Lestat/Marius) by i_sanguinity 

Disarm Me With A Smile (Armand/Marius) by fanged_angel 

Broken Masks (Louis/Marius) by absinthe90 .

They were all lovely, so bravo to everyone.:D
I would like to close up by reminding everyone why the challenge was issued, and how to put it better than in fanged_angel 's words:

yasmine quote XD


Erm, okay. Moving on. nevermore_1106 and I have decided to boost democracy around here (Armand's soviet soul would be so proud!). So I'm gonna ask y'all to comment on this post leaving ideas for new writing/fanart challenges. Come on, peeps, it's time to go wild with it!XD You've got time until Wednesday 26th May, then we shall make a poll with the ideas that came up and the winner gets to be Official Challenge... and we can always keep the other ones for later, can't we?8D

On a completely unrelated note: I've noticed - perhaps it's just me though - that the last couple entries show up in a reaaaally tiny font size. I've no idea if LJ changed defaults or if the layout is having problems... But I ask you all as a personal favour that, if you leave the default font size while writing, you check the post afterwards. And if it's too tiny, please go back and set the size to "small". Reading minuscule letters kills my eyes.ç__ç

Thank you, and that's all for now!:)
Demon!Dean, Castiel


Name: Maribeth
Age: 21 (I'll be turning 22 December 24th of this year)
VC books read: Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, Queen of the Damned, Pandora, The Vampire Armand, The Tale of the Body Thief, The Mummy or Ramses the Damned, Servant of the Bones, Memnoch the Devil
Favourite/Least favourite Book: My least favorite book is The Mummy; my favorite book is The Vampire Armand.
Favourite/Least favourite Character: Least favorite character is fairly easy; that would be Jessica. As for my favorite character, it's a toss-up between Armand and Louis, but for the sake of choosing, I'll say Armand.
One curious fact about you and this fandom: I am an avid Armand fan, and I've read The Vampire Armand five times. (Yes, I've counted.) My ex-boyfriend once told me I was "just like him: you have the face of an angel, too". Of course, the next month he told me that he was breaking up with me. Oh, well. C'est la vie.
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Biana Solderini Description Info

 Hey guys!

I am studying in Florence this summer and though it would be really cool idea to cosplay as Bianca Solderini. I have a lot of sympathy for her character as she was both used in life and death, first by her kinsmen and later on by Marius's character. If I am unable to cosplay, I would still like to sketch a design inspired by her character.

As it's been quite while since I've read any of the Novels featuring Bianca, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. :)

Hello folks!

Name: Jess

Age: 28

VC books read: All of them

Favourite/Least favourite Book: I'm learning lately that this is a controversial selection, but my favorite is Blackwood Farm, though I dearly love The Vampire Lestat as well. BF was just the perfect book for my life when it came out. It deals with loss, and my grandmother, who raised me, had just passed away. I cried the whole way through the book, read it the day it came out, in one sitting, and then called Anne's voice mail (at the time it was listed on her website for anyone to leave a message) intending to thank her for the book, but I ended up crying about my grandmother. Not one of my better moments.
Least Favorite? Vittorio, although I suppose this is technically part of the New Tales. I just didn't like it. Also hated Blood Canticle, with the exception of the opening chapter which I kinda thought was hilarious and ballsy.

Favourite/Least favourite Character: I love Armand, he is endlessly fascinating. More unpredictable than the others and delightfully off his rocker a little bit. I mostly like all of the characters, but I think perhaps Gabrielle is the least interesting for me.

One curious fact about you and this fandom: Besides the fact that I cried to Anne Rice's answering machine? Okay, I have one more story. I re-read Blackwood Farm last Fall, and for whatever reason that book compels me to reach out to the author. So I emailed her for the first time. It was just a simple thank you email to tell her how much I enjoyed the series and the world she created. At the time I was looking forward to Angel Time and meeting Toby, and was hoping to like the new character (which I do). I didn't say anything personal about myself at all. In her reply to me, she said she loved that I'm a trapeze artist and that I'm a fan, and she thought maybe I was the only trapeze artist fan she has (which is not true I'm sure, as there are lots of trapeze performers who read) but anyway do you know what that means??? Anne Rice googled me!!! OMG... I had a little heart attack that day.


As of today I officially declare closed the Songfic!Challenge, and I would really love to give a shout out to the amazing people on this comm. All the entries were simply splendid! You move me, guys, you do. X3

But now, since I finally feel inspired yay, let me introduce the spanking (literally) new challenge.
On great popular demand - isn't that right, fanged_angel ? ;) - I invite you all to: 
Le Great Marius!Bitchslapping Contest.

Because let's face it: Marius pulled some fucked-up shit, and he's the only one who never gets told off by, like, anyone.>:/ Therefore, we's gonna do it!

This will be a writing challenge only - sorry, you artists out there! - and just to have some variety from the last challenge, this time it's going to be minimum 500 words. (indulge my sadism!8D) Also, as you know, the fic-entries must be kept in a locked post.

I hope many of you participate. Keep being this amazing, people!:D

(no subject)

Name: Jess

Age: 30

VC books read: Every last one of'em.

Favourite/Least favourite Book: Favorite is TVL by a small landslide. I can't even tell you how many times I've read it now; I know it inside out and backward at this point. It's probably unhealthy how many verbatim quotes I can pull from it just off the top of my head. :P
Least favorite book is probably Blackwood Farm. I just...Jesus Christ, seriously, SERIOUSLY, with the endless rambling on and on and on about the stupid swamp and the OMGMYSTERIOUS!!island. I do. Not. Care. Ever. Lestat's characterization was so strange and wooden and flimsy in that book, too, and there were so many plots of pure convenience that my editorial mind was a shambles by the end of it all. Ugh.

Favourite/Least favourite Character: You will expect me to say Lestat. You will be almost but not entirely correct. My true and undying love in the VCs is, in fact, Armand. He's the most badass character of all time and I will forever adore him.

One curious fact about you and this fandom: 
I have been in the fandom since 1994, and thus, for more than half of my life -- although my activity level has varied pretty dramatically. But before 2006, I had literally never written a single complete piece of fanfic.
Angel Time

Challenge entry. Ho hum.

For some reason I felt more like abusing my sketchpad than a Word doc, so have a doodle. :D

Song: Wake Up, by Three Days Grace. I'm not really sure why, but I related it to Lestat having just been more or less flipped the bird by Louis in 'Tale of the Body Thief'. When Louis refuses to turn him, just before The Grand Shack Burning.

Preview (of a doodle. Hell yes):

Collapse )

Now that I've posted this amazing study in weird anatomy I expect to see lots of lovely artsy entries. :D

Come out, come out, wherever you are

This is a shout out to our members, watchers, and all those of you who may have lurked about but never taken action.;)

This community needs some life.

I realise I've been busy lately, but I've dropped by regularly at least to check if there were any entries or any comments, and the place has been pretty dead...

So the question:


Poll #1541732 Are you...

...interested in being a part of Dracula's Daughter?


If you answered 'yes', please, do participate... and feel free to spread the word!;)