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vampire_bar's Journal

Dracula's Daughter
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"There are places in all the big cities where the vampires meet," he said. "Surely you know this by now."

"No, I don't. Tell me," I said.

"They are the bars we call the Vampire Connection," he said, smiling a little ironically as he said it. "They are frequented by mortals, of course, and known to us by their names. There is Dr. Polidori in London, and Lamia in Paris. There is Bela Lugosi in the city of Los Angeles, and Carmilla and Lord Ruthven in New York. Here in San Francisco we have the most beautiful of them all, possibly, the cabaret called Dracula's Daughter, on Castro Street."

The Vampire Lestat ~ Anne Rice



Come inside, take a seat, have a drink. Bloody Mary? Perhaps a Sazérac? Let our talented bartender Daniel fix you one, and move on into the back room.

We gather here for discussion – anything from philosophy, ethics, character insights to fun and leisure small talk. We also share precious tidbits of art , whether it be prose, drawings, music or that modern marvel, videoclips.

Only one topic rule: it must be about the Vampire Chronicles. No other vampire fandoms, unless you’re in some way making a relation to the Chronicles. (No Twilight. Ever. Unless it’s for bashing. We said vampires, not sparklies.)

All contributions and opinions are welcome, we are rather liberal moderators, as long as everyone remains polite. We are all civilised people here, so let us act as such; otherwise, offensive posts and comments will be removed.

A few simple posting rules:

1. If you post fanfiction or fanart that does not belong to you, credit and link back to the author. Moreover, all fanfiction must be posted in memberslocked entries. We don't want another angry Queen of the Damned storming down on us.
2. Don't apply any tags to the posts, the mods will take care of that.
3. Last but not least, at the moment of your joining, please be sure to make an introductory post including the following:

That’s pretty much it, fellas. So come on in and join us: the more the merrier, and you don’t want to miss out on the latest remix of The Age of Innocence, do you?

the administrators ~ absinthe90 & nevermore_1106


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